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Replacement of Reffée Buoy

Trinity House used its Multi Functional Tender, the THV Patricia, to replace the buoy, which is located outside of the QEII Marina

Patricia was required because of the weight and size of the buoy and the vessel's specialist capabilities. Patricia has a 20-tonne main crane capacity and a Dynamic Positioning System, which allowed the crew to hold the vessel in an exact position while it moved the new buoy into place.  

This work was assisted by the Sarnia Workboat.

The Reffée buoy needs to be replaced every three years due to wear on the mooring chain holding the buoy in position, with other maintenance work scheduled to take place while Patricia is in local waters.  

Patricia is heading to Jersey tomorrow [Thursday 10th August] before returning to Guernsey on Friday, weather dependent, to carry out further routine work to some of Guernsey's other important navigational aids.