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Code of Practice

Local Boats & Marinas


It is strictly forbidden to refuel in the marinas or anywhere else in the harbour without the permission of the Harbourmaster. Marine fuel (diesel and petrol) is available from the Boatworks+ berth at the Castle Emplacement (accessible approximately half tide up to half tide down dependent upon draught) and in the QEII Marina. Wholesale diesel (minimum order 300 litres) is available from Rubis on the Commercial Berths in St Peter Port for vessels on skippered-delivery and at the Leisure Fuel Pontoon in St Sampson's Harbour for all vessels. All fuels need to be stored in approved containers, with adequate fire-fighting equipment in position to deal with engine and cooking appliance fires. Using barbecues is strictly forbidden in the marinas and in the pool area.


Please do not leave tenders on any steps, gangways, or pontoons as they may seriously impede other users or emergency access points. In the interest of safety, tenders should not be used in the marinas unnecessarily.

Moorings and berths

The mooring or berth designated to you and detailed in your mooring agreement is for your vessel only. Please do not lease your berth or mooring for another vessel to use without permission from Guernsey Harbours. Please do not use any other mooring or berth not designated for your vessel, or lay alongside piers, jetties or ships without prior permission of Guernsey Harbours.


Swimming and diving is not permitted in any part of the harbours, including the marinas. Holding tanks should not be emptied in the marinas or harbours and where possible please avoid using on-board toilets when moored in the marinas or pool area. Instead please use on-land toilets whenever possible during your stay.


Water is available on the pontoons but only for the purpose of washing down boats. If there are no island wide restrictions on water use in force. Boat owners are required to use their own hoses.

Refuse disposal/Recycling collection

Waste bins and recycling points are provided near all marina gangways. DO NOT throw rubbish into the harbours or leave it on the pontoons: as well as being unpleasant, it is also an offence.

Use of Drones or other UAS devices

The use of drones or unmanned aerial systems (UAS) in St Peter Port Harbour, St Sampson's Harbour, and the Guernsey Vessel Traffic Service Zone without prior permission of Guernsey Ports is prohibited. Full guidance is available on safe drone or other UAS use is available via: