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pdf icon GCG NAVWARN 001-24 Roustel Light and Beacon [151kb]

pdf icon GCG NAVWARN 002-24 Godfrey Beacon [157kb]

Maritime Safety Information (MSI) radio broadcasts

MSI broadcasts are announced by Guernsey Coastguard to alert mariners of the latest wind, sea conditions, and navigational warnings in their respective sea areas. All Navigation Warnings and Safety Broadcasts could include, live firing warnings at Fort Le Marchant, information on maritime events (such as sailing regattas, swimming events) and wind warnings issued by Jersey Met. MSI Broadcasts will be announced by Guernsey Coastguard on VHF Channel 16 before being broadcast in full on VHF Channel 20.

The full Channel Islands Shipping Forecast will not be included as part of the MSI broadcast for the Bailiwick as this is undertaken by Jersey Coastguard for the whole Channel Islands sea area. The Channel Islands' Shipping Forecast will be available on request to mariners by contacting Guernsey Coastguard. Alternatively, the shipping forecast is available on Jersey Met's website or broadcast on BBC Guernsey's AM FM DAB and online services at certain points in the day. 

The MSI will generally be broadcast at the following times (All times in UTC/GMT) 01:33, 05:33, 09:33, 13:33, 17:33, 21:33.

Live Round Firing

Mariners must keep clear of the seas near the Fort Le Marchant firing range when red flags are flying in the Northern part of Guernsey between the Grande Hougue and Le Plomb, at Le Fontenelle. On the days of firing, the MSI broadcast will contain navigational warnings announced by Guernsey Coastguard on VHF Channel 20.

pdf icon Shooting Range 2024 [138kb]

Local Notices to Mariners (LNTMs)



pdf icon 010/2019 St Peter Port. RoRo. Berths. Depths. [561kb]

pdf icon 012/2019 Cruise Ship Safety Zone [241kb]

pdf icon 020/2019 St Sampson - PWC [191kb]


pdf icon 003/2020 Berth 7. Lower Landing Berthing Restriction [182kb]

pdf icon 026/2020 Little Russel - Marine Mammal Monitoring Buoys [189kb]


pdf icon 026/2021 Braye Harbour - Unmarked Reef [120kb]

pdf icon 027/2021 St Peter Port - Unloading of Fishing Vessels on RoRo Ramp 1 [114kb]


pdf icon 002/2022 Reporting Procedures for Recreational Vessels Sailing to or from the UK [149kb]

pdf icon 007/2022 - Sanction of Russian Ships [117kb]

pdf icon 010/2022 Roustel Beacon - Out of Position and Extinguished [206kb]

pdf icon 011/2022 IALA Port Traffic Signals [150kb]

pdf icon 016/2022 Vessels Blocking Emergency Access, Sark Harbours [105kb]

pdf icon 017/2022 Speed Limits, Vessel Registration and Insurance [145kb]

pdf icon 026/2022 Petit Port Anchorage - Obstruction [105kb]


pdf icon 001/2024 LNTMs in Force [102kb]

pdf icon 002/2004 St Martin's Point - Fog Signal Unreliable [92kb]