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Guernsey Ports runs a number of capital project's to maintain vital maritime infrastructure and operations which allow for the safe movement of goods, people and marine traffic into and out of St Peter Port Harbour and St Sampson's Harbours. Current active projects can be found below. 

Pool Marina Programme

Following a States Assembly debate on the Future Harbour Development for Guernsey policy letter. One of the resolutions was to instruct the States' Trading Supervisory Board 'to submit by the end of December 2022 a Policy Letter together with suitable Propositions, which provide for a scheme to develop within St Peter Port Harbour a 'Pool Marina' with associated marina facilities and which includes costings and a delivery plan.' This is situated in the Pool area of St Peter Port harbour. 

Guernsey Ports is carrying out the following workstreams following that debate. 

All the data gathered will then shape and inform the policy letter for the project, in which the States Assembly will decide its future progression.