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General Situation

At 12:00UTC low, 981mb, Norwegian Sea, moving north. New low expected 989mb, just south of Iceland by midday Sunday. Belt of high pressure, Spain to Poland, drifting south.

Forecast from 18:00UTC Saturday to 18:00UTC Sunday.

Weather: Local mist or fog patches, clearing overnight.

Wind: West to northwest 3 to 5, veering northwest to north 3 to 4 by midnight, decreasing 2 to 3 towards dawn, locally variable 1 to 3, backing west to northwest 3 to 4 later.

Visibility: Good, locally moderate to very poor at times.

Sea state: Smooth or slight, with a low swell.

Sea temperature: 11.2°C

Outlook from 18:00UTC Sunday to 18:00UTC Monday.

Weather: Risk of patchy rain for a time in the evening. Scattered blustery showers by dawn, perhaps with hail.

Wind: Northwesterly 3 to 5, backing westerly by late evening Sunday, increasing 5 to 7 overnight, perhaps occasionally gale 8 mid-channel for a time.

Visibility: Good, locally moderate or poor.

Sea state: Smooth or slight, with a low swell, increasing moderate to rather rough overnight, then rough by midday.