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Commercial & Infrastructure

Guernsey Harbours is responsible for a wide range of maritime functions. This includes management and operation of the harbours at St Peter Port and St Sampson.

Watch this short video capturing some of the activity in and around Guernsey Harbours over the course of one day...

Both harbours have facilities for commercial ships as well as marinas for leisure craft. As the main gateway for freight to the Bailiwick, Guernsey Harbours handle approximately 98% of all Guernsey's freight imports and exports, including 100% of all liquid hydrocarbon fuel imports, along with around 33% of all passengers. St Peter Port Harbour also provides essential links to key ports on the south coast of the UK and France, as well as Jersey, Alderney, Sark, and Herm.

Commercial services

Please contact us for further information on the services listed below:

Commercial berths

Commercial berths are available for vessels up to 135 metres in length and drafts up to 5 metres. The berth layout and tidal ranges do, however, dictate that availability and suitability for all but regular callers, do need to be confirmed in advance with Guernsey Harbours.

Drying berths for vessels up to 80 metres are also available at St. Sampson's.


Cargo facilities and craneage is available for lifts of up to 62 tonnes in St Peter Port and 7 tonnes at St Sampsons. A road mobile crane capable of lifting 35 tonnes is also available.

Port safety and security

As with other commercial ports worldwide, Guernsey Harbours are required to comply with the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code. With this in mind, some areas are restricted to access by authorised personnel only.

Sarnia work boat

Guernsey Harbours has a 15 metre mono hull workboat which can be made available for third party work in local waters.

Surveying and permissions

Vessels entering Bailiwick waters for the purpose of undertaking nautical and/or seismic surveying are required to obtain the permission of the Guernsey Authorities before commencing any work.

Vessel monitoring

Guernsey Vessel Traffic Service maintain a 24/7 watch on all vessel movements in and out of St Peter Port and St Sampsons Harbours. Monitoring of VHF Channel 12 is highly recommended for all commercial traffic, and beneficial to any leisure craft while in the harbours and Little Russel.

Visiting boats engaged in commercial activities

Visiting small commercial vessels less than 24 metres Load Line Length are considered as visiting vessels provided that they sail with the same passengers onboard as they arrived with. Plying for Hire and Reward from Guernsey Harbours without boat and boatman's licences is an offence. Boat licences issued by an organisation approved by the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency are not recognised in the Bailiwick of Guernsey.

Safety and Security Occurrence Reporting (SOR)

To report any safety and security occurrence issues at Guernsey Harbours please use this link.