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**Community Safety Series** Commercial Fishing

April 2017

Although the Coastguard save hundreds of lives, there are still around 160 lives lost at the coast every year. In the UK alone, there were 168 accidental drowning and coastal fatalities in 2015. Guernsey Coastguard and the RNLI want to change these statistics by raising awareness. As part of our COMMUNITY SAFETY campaign, we will be highlighting the risks associated with a range of different sea based activities.

Commercial Fishing

Between 2010 and 2014, 54 commercial fishermen lost their lives at sea around the UK and Ireland. Follow the advice on fishing safety - from choosing a lifejacket to updating your deck machinery and keeping your vessel stable.

Understand the risks and fish safely

Analysis of fatalities between 2010 and 2013 found that:

Seven simple checks for safe fishing

How to stay safe

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