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COVID-19 rules for visiting vessels planning to arrive in the Bailiwick of Guernsey

The following guidelines and requirements apply to visiting vessels as well as returning boatowners who are based in the Bailiwick.

Testing and/or self-isolation requirements will depend on your travel category, which will be determined by your vaccination status and whether or not you have travelled outside the Common Travel Area (CTA), member states of the European Union (EU), European Free Trade Association (EFTA) and British Overseas Territories (BOT) within the past 14 days.

Travel Category

For the latest information regarding regional category classifications please visit: Country and Regional Classifications | States of Guernsey - COVID-19 (

Fully vaccinated travellers into the Bailiwick will need to purchase a lateral flow test (LFT) pack for £25 per person when they complete their Travel Tracker account.

Please note anyone travelling into the Bailiwick, including private vessels and aircraft, will still need to register on Travel Tracker. More info can be found at:

If travelling into the Bailiwick from anywhere outside the CTA, EU, EFTA and the BOT, the current country category isolation and testing requirements apply. If you have been outside the CTA in the 14 days before you arrive in the Bailiwick then the country category applies regardless of your vaccination status. More info on country categories can be found at:

If you are self-isolating please ensure you know your self-isolation address before arrival. If you choose to, or need to, self-isolate with other members of your household who have not travelled with you, you will need to inform the booking team of this when they call you to arrange your test.

Please note that Public Health will still apply overrides to country or region listings if it has any concerns. This CAN include countries/regions within the Common Travel Area (CTA), member states of the European Union (EU), European Free Trade Association (EFTA) and British Overseas Territories (BOT)

More Frequently Asked Questions regarding travel can be found on the States of Guernsey's website.  

Preparing for and procedures on arrival

The following procedures apply for visitors who are not normally based in the Bailiwick. For returning boatowners who live in the Bailiwick, please refer to the relevant guidance here: COVID-19 Status - Guernsey Harbours.

Please check the travel categories above to determine which applies to you, then click on the relevant link below for instructions on what to do before travel and on arrival in the Bailiwick.   

Changes effective from 23 September 2021

From 23 September, persons who can provide proof that they have received a full course of an approved Covid-19 vaccine (AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Moderna and Jannsen), regardless of where they received their vaccine doses, will be eligible to benefit from reduced restrictions on arrival into the Bailiwick of Guernsey. 

People who test positive for COVID-19 will be required to isolate for 10 days (compared to the current 14 days).

There will also be some changes to the general rules for people identified as the contact of a positive case:

Changes effective from 4 October 2021:

From 4 October, there will be significant changes to the rules for travel to the Bailiwick.

All travel from the Common Travel Area (the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Jersey and the Isle of Man) regardless of vaccination status will be treated as a 'blue' arrival.  These travellers will need to purchase and complete a course of lateral flow tests.  There are no other restrictions for these travellers. 

The Bailiwick will apply its highest level of restrictions to arrivals who come directly from countries on the UK's red-list without passing through the UK.  These arrivals will need to carry out a self-swab PCR test on arrival at the port and self-isolate until they take a second PCR test on Day 9 and receive a negative result.  Anyone travelling from a red-list country to the UK before travelling on to the Bailiwick will need to adhere to the UK's quarantine requirements before travelling onwards.  Travellers coming from a red-list country into the UK will need complete their 10-day quarantine there, in line with UK rules, before travelling on to the Bailiwick.  They would then arrive in Guernsey as 'blue' arrivals.

For all other countries, travel requirements will depend on whether or not the traveller is fully vaccinated.  Fully vaccinated non-CTA arrivals will only be required to take a self-swab PCR test on arrival at the port but will not be required to self-isolate.  Unvaccinated non-CTA arrivals will need to take a self-swab PCR test on arrival at the port, and self-isolate until they take a second PCR test on Day 8 and receive a negative result.