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This page provides information for event organisers with a guide to booking an event, and the standard terms and conditions applicable to the use of Guernsey Harbours premises for shows, fêtes and other purposes.

How do I book my event?

Guernsey Harbours can reserve areas for various events during the year.

pdf icon Pier events booking form [370kb]

Provisional bookings

Provisional bookings may be made via, e-mailing Guernsey Harbours up to 12 months in advance of the event taking place. This means that Guernsey Harbours may reserve the area exclusively for your use on a certain day.

Confirming bookings

You will need to confirm your booking as soon as possible, by emailing a completed booking form, together with any other necessary documents (eg insurance details).


Guernsey Harbours' tariff of charges for bookings is set out below. A refundable deposit of £554 is required.

Pier hire

Charge for use of all piers, Salerie and North Beach car parks and Castle Emplacement areas (NB Albert pier only available from October to March):

(Guernsey Harbours reserves the right to charge additional sums dependent on the size of the area used.)

Charge for the use of the North Beach car park at 15,000 square metres in area:


Provision of recycling facilities is compulsory - relevant States Resolutions are:

Recycling facilities are available from States Works (see below - charges are non-negotiable). 

Monday to Friday delivery & collection (weekend delivery/collection will incur additional enhanced rates)

It is the organiser's responsibility to ensure that the correct recycling facilities have been provided.  Recycling facilities outside of those listed above (ie cardboard) should be obtained from the appropriate provider.  If in doubt, discuss with Joe Adams at States Works. Please note: no recyclable items are to be deposited on Harbour land after the event.  Charges will be incurred and passed on to the organiser should Guernsey Harbours/States Works have to clear such items.

The size of area and amount of persons attending event will dictate the amount of bins required, ie use of a third of the area: up to 8 bins, 2 thirds: 10 bins, the whole pier/car park: 20 bins.  Please contact Joe Adams at States Works (tel: 202266/email to arrange collection/pick-up. Please note: enhanced rates will apply if bins are delivered/collected over a weekend, however you may arrange for bins to be delivered on the Friday before your event and collected on the Monday after the event.  Indicate below the delivery/collection point agreed with States Works.

It is the responsibility of the organiser to position the recycling bins in areas that are both accessible and visible to the public. 

Alternative recycling arrangements

Details of alternative recycling arrangements should be provided on the booking form including quantity and type of recyclable waste, specific details of recycling provisions and disposal plans for collected recyclable waste.

Failure to act in accordance with stated waste and recycling plans may result in a penalty payment.

Ballast hire/installation

Due to damage caused to tarmac surfaces, staking of tents / Marquees is prohibited.

Ballast (in the form of large heavy concrete/water blocks) is the only method permissible in securing tents/marquees.  These are available to hire from Guernsey Harbours along with the manpower to install if necessary, at the following rates:

Ballast Hire:

Plant Hire:

* In addition to these charges, staff time outside of normal working hours will be charged out at the appropriate premium charge rate.

Tent providers may also supply ballast, therefore please liaise with such providers to ascertain the relevant charges concerning ballast for your event.  Should you have any queries on this matter please contact the Planning Office on 720229.

The above charges also apply to setting up or dismantling periods.

Charges may also be raised by other States Departments for erection of signage in the event of issuing notices to the public regarding the suspension of car parking spaces.

Note:  All users should be aware that the above charges are generally applicable to all.  However, Guernsey Harbours is prepared to operate a discount policy in the following circumstance:

Charitable events

Guernsey Harbours may raise no charges for pier hire only where it is satisfied that the event is being held wholly for charitable purposes.

Not for profit events

Guernsey Harbours may accept a reduced rate of £185 per day where:

Reduced rates do not apply to recycling charges

In all other circumstances and in particular where there is any commercial gain resulting to any company or individual as a result of an event, then no waiver or discount will be available.

These charges are subject to review and it is suggested that you contact the Duty Harbour Officer to ascertain the charges applicable at the time of your event.


A deposit cheque of £554 made out to 'States of Guernsey' should accompany the booking form.  An invoice for the use of the pier/car park will be sent to the organisers shortly after the event. The deposit will only be returned once the area in question is:

Pre-event and post-event inspection

Organisers should survey the area with a member of Guernsey Harbours' staff (Tel: 720229), at least seven days before the event (and before any equipment is placed in the area) and again on the day preceding the event, to review the condition of the area and to agree any special arrangements in view of any particular site conditions.  Guernsey Harbours may fence off any unusable areas prior to the event.  

Organisers must notify Guernsey Harbours at least one week before the event if they are unhappy with the condition of the area.  Organisers must make arrangements for the area to be inspected after the event has finished and the area has been cleared of all equipment.

Health and Safety

Event organisers have a duty of care that reasonable and practicable measures have been taken to ensure the safety of the general public, officials, entertainers, stall-holders, volunteers, contractors, and employees whilst they are on site both during the event and the setting up/dismantling stages.  Event organisers must meet the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Ordinance, 1987 (as amended) together with any other relevant local legislation in force at the time.  A risk assessment of how others may be affected by your activities and how you will mitigate against any identified risk should also be provided.

Emergency access

In the interests of safety, organisers are advised to ensure that the public highways (eg roadways and paths) can be cleared quickly in the event of emergency appliances requiring rapid access to an area of the Harbour.  In the case of major events, the utilisation of hand held radios by officials at strategic points should be considered.  There is to be strictly no parking or obstruction caused on the main access roads to the buildings.

Fire regulations for marquees and tented structures

Organisers must ensure that they comply with the requirements of the Fire Services (Guernsey) Law, 1989, as amended.  Under law you must ensure that all marquees and tents, which will hold 100 people or more, are registered with the Guernsey Fire and Rescue Service.  A registration form can be obtained from the Fire Station (Tel. 724491).

Refuelling & storage of fuel

Storage of fuel and refuelling of generators, vehicles, etc, must be in compliance with Guernsey Water (Tel. 239500) and Health and Safety (Tel. 235741) legislation and regulations, etc and on an area of hard-standing designated for that purpose.

Water, gas & electricity

Permission must be sought from Guernsey Harbours before arrangements can be made to draw water off the mains supply. Please contact Guernsey Harbours at least one month prior to the event. Event Organisers must also provide their own arrangements for electricity and gas usage and are not allowed to connect to any mains supply on the Harbour without Guernsey Harbours' permission.

Firework displays

Prior permission must be sought from Guernsey Harbours for any firework displays or events using fire.

Hygiene & sanitation

It is the responsibility of the event organiser to ensure that there is sufficient sanitary provision (eg toilets, litter clearance, etc). For guidance please contact the Office of Environmental Health and Pollution Regulation (Tel: 711161).

Caterers are obliged to comply with local Environmental Health legislation governing hygiene and food preparation, etc. (See Catering/Sale of Alcohol.)

Limited toilet facilities are available on the Harbour.  However, event organisers (especially of large events) are strongly advised to ensure that they provide additional temporary toilet provision.

Organisers are responsible for the clearance of all litter from the area as soon as possible after the event concerned and not later than 10am the following day. 

Guernsey Harbours will not be responsible for providing and emptying litter bins.  All refuse must be stored in appropriate containers eg wheelie bins with secure lids. Refuse must not be left on the ground as this poses a public health hazard and also attracts vermin. Refuse containers must be emptied regularly by suitable contractors and the refuse disposed of appropriately.

If Guernsey Harbours is unsatisfied with the refuse arrangements, it will arrange for its contractors to remove the refuse immediately and will invoice the organisers for all costs incurred.


Facilities for recycling drinks tins and plastic bottles are included as part of the contract of hire.  See details under 'Charges' above.

Insurance and liability

Organisations must undertake to indemnify the States of Guernsey, its servants, agents, or officers against any and all claims by any person or persons in respect of personal injury or damage to property caused directly or indirectly through their use of harbour premises.  

Furthermore such organisations must undertake that no claim of any kind will be made against the States of Guernsey or against any other person or persons by them in respect of personal injury to them in this connection and that the cost of making good any damage to plant or property owned by the States of Guernsey for which they are legally liable will be borne by them. 

Organisations must provide evidence that Public Liability cover up to a limit of indemnity of £2,000,000, on any one incident, has been arranged in their name to cover the period of their usage and that an indemnity to the States of Guernsey is included within such cover.

Need to know

Noise - Generators/loudspeakers/public announcement systems

The Harbours are long-established venues for many major events in the Island's social calendar.  Guernsey Harbours, however, recognises the importance of being a good neighbour, especially when it comes down to considerations such as noise, etc.  It is the responsibility of the event organiser to ensure that they comply with Environmental Health requirements. 

Event organisers should consult with the Office of Environmental Health and Pollution Regulation (Tel 711161) for advice on preventing noise nuisance before providing amplified music or entertainment, using generators, etc.  It is better to get advice before you start. 

Under the Loi relative à la Santé Publique 1934, the Office of Environmental Health and Pollution Regulation can take action to abate and prevent nuisance.  If an Abatement of Nuisance Notice is served on you and it is contravened, the Court can impose a fine of up to £1,000 per contravention.

Catering/sale of alcohol

All catering must comply with local legislation in force in respect of food hygiene and in accordance with the standards set and enforced by Health and Social Care. 

Any sales of alcoholic beverages must comply with local liquor licensing laws.  You should contact the Police to apply for a liquor licensing permit.


The permission of the Office of the Committee for Home Affairs must be obtained in writing, in respect of any gambling, raffles and lotteries to be held during an event. All such events must comply with local legislation in force in respect of gambling. Guernsey Harbours reserves the right not to permit gambling.


Planning's permission is required, and that of Guernsey Harbours, if you wish to erect any signs or banners advertising the event on the perimeter of the area. 

If both the Environment Department and Guernsey Harbours give permission for signs/banners to be erected the signs must comply with the Island Development (Exemptions) Ordinance, 1997, (or with any future legislation which may from time to time be enacted) which currently states that:

Filming and Photography using SUAVs (Drones)

The recreational use of SUAVs (small unmanned aerial vehicles) or drones, is not permitted on or over Harbour controlled areas at the Ports of St Peter Port or St Sampsons (this extends to the seafront areas bordering both ports). Commercial pilots who satisfy DCA (Director of Civil Aviation) and have appropriate licences and insurances will be considered. Event organisers or drone pilots on behalf of the event should submit an application.

If you would like to apply for permission to use or operate an unmanned aerial vehicle or system (drone) within Guernsey Harbours Estate, you must complete and sign the application form below and also send the following documentation to (this process can take up to four weeks):

For further information and guidance on the use of UAVs:


Vehicles are only permitted to drive inside or park inside non-public areas with prior written permission of Guernsey Harbours.  Permission for vehicles to be left in any areas must be sought from Guernsey Harbours in advance of the event, in order for Guernsey Harbours' to view and assess the suitability of the location. 

Traffic flow

Organisers should liaise at an early stage with the Traffic & Highways Services Department and Guernsey Harbours concerning traffic arrangements for 'special events'.  In this respect, as a matter of courtesy, residents affected by any revised traffic flows should be notified in advance of the proposals, by the organiser. 

Organisers must submit in writing, as soon as possible, details of the types of events to be held on the day concerned. Guernsey Harbours reserves the right to refuse permission for any of the events included in the programme and to designate specific areas for any of the events. 

Maps should be supplied to Guernsey Harbours in respect of parking arrangements and traffic flow as appropriate by the event organiser.


In the event that more than twenty car parking spaces are to be lost in order to accommodate an event, the application will need to be referred to the Traffic & Highways Services Department for its evaluation. 

Applicants will be expected to pay for any alternative parking arrangements, such as 'park and ride', required as a result of parking being suspended on the Town Piers, the North Beach or Salerie corner.  For further information in respect of traffic management/parking arrangements please call the Traffic & Highways Services Department on 202221.


If the organiser fails to abide by the conditions stated within this document (eg non-clearance of litter by the specified time), then Guernsey Harbours reserves the right to repair any damage and reinstate the site to its satisfaction.  All expenses incurred by Guernsey Harbours by having to employ contractors in this respect will be charged to the event organiser, together with a penalty call-out fee of £100 to cover administration, etc.  These monies will be deducted from the deposit.  Any additional amount required after deducting the deposit from the amount incurred will be invoiced to the organisers.

Domestic caravans/motor homes

Under the Island Development (Guernsey) Laws, 1966-1990, permission must be received from the Environment Department to bring a caravan to the Island - this applies to both trailer and motor caravans."

Access to the area

Relevant persons, including authorised Guernsey Harbours' Officers and tenants, shall be permitted free entry to all areas at all times, during the period of hire.  Free access must be allowed for contractors working on Harbour properties. 

Guernsey Harbours reserves the right to refuse admission to or evict any person from the area. 

Organisers wishing to refuse entry to members of the public wishing to use other areas of the area, where the event is not being held, should stipulate this requirement on the booking form as Guernsey Harbours will need to advise members of the public in advance.  Organisers will need to marshal these areas, as Guernsey Harbours cannot guarantee that members of the public will be aware that the areas are closed.

Repair and restoration of the area after an event

Guernsey Harbours reserves the right to recover from the organisers any expense necessitated for the repair and restoration of the area or any part thereof to the condition in which it had been prior to the event. Guernsey Harbours also requires that its authorised officers shall, in the course of their duties, be guaranteed free access to all areas of the Harbour and that the organisers shall without delay take such action as may be required by those officers, in the interest of protecting the property of Guernsey Harbours.

Consultation with St Peter Port Constables

It is customary for the applicant to write to the St Peter Port Constables regarding details of an event in the Town area, as they are often a port of call for enquiries and complaints.  They also play a role in co-ordinating events, provide 'local' knowledge and direct applicants to the relevant authorities for permission.

Crowd control

Organisers must ensure that there are appropriate security and crowd control measures in place.


Under no circumstances shall the Event bring the States or Guernsey Harbours, its members or staff into disrepute.

Cancellation & changes to bookings

Guernsey Harbours reserves the right to cancel or change the date of bookings at its discretion.  In deciding whether to grant an application Guernsey Harbours shall take into account all of the matters in its Guidelines including: