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COVID-19 Passenger pick up advice

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Guernsey Ports have been working with the States of Guernsey Public Health Services team to develop advice and guidance for people collecting passengers who are required to enter a period of self-isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic in either Guernsey or Alderney. To reduce the risk of the virus spreading anyone collecting passengers from the harbours or airport terminals should follow the advice and guidance listed below.

Due to social distancing guidelines and space constraints in the landside arrivals halls. Guernsey Ports is discouraging family/friends to greet students in the passenger terminal buildings.

Family/friends who are collecting foot passengers by vehicle from the New Jetty at St Peter Port should park in spaces nearby. It is recommended that only one driver should collect passengers from the harbours.

Taxis can be booked in advance - full guidance for transport to self-isolation can be found on

If you are picking up passengers, make sure you social distance your vehicle with at least one free car space distance whenever possible.

Please do not walk to your place of self-isolation from the harbour. 

If you are collecting any passengers who need to self-isolate please stay in your vehicle. If you have a smart phone monitor arrivals on the Guernsey Harbours arrivals and departure web pages ( Use the phone to communicate with relatives' friends or loved ones until they are in the vehicle.

Dependant on the number of passengers on the sailing, where they are in the queue, luggage collection and test facility procedures. There will be some delay for passengers to come through. In some cases, this may take up to 90 minutes, so we ask for your patience and understanding.

You should arrive in good time to the harbour terminal. This is to ensure arriving passengers are not in the terminal building waiting to be collected. This also reduces the risks to all other terminal users.

Prior to passengers arriving at your vehicle, consider wearing a facemask. Please also adhere to social distancing guidelines. Passengers must wear a mask until they reach their final destination - their place of self-isolation.

Unless you are self-isolating with any arriving passengers from the UK or France, please do not hug or kiss. Once isolation has been completed, hug as much as you like!

Further information and advice on self-isolation can be found on the States of Guernsey's website:

Passengers should place their own luggage in the vehicle. If help is required, please put on gloves and assist. However, remove gloves or sanitise your hands afterwards. Place any used gloves securely in a plastic bag and dispose of properly.

Distance yourself in the vehicle as far as practicable possible. Students and other passengers should be in the rear seats with windows open for the drive home.

You should keep all masks on until you reach your final place of isolation. 

Disinfect all touch points on the vehicle after your journey.