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Roustel Beacon Out of Service

Investigations are underway by Guernsey Ports to determine how to bring Roustel Beacon back into service following damage last weekend.

The Beacon is one of the principal navigation aids for all vessels approaching St Peter Port Harbour from the North in the Little Russel.

The base of the Beacon was struck by the bulk carrier MV Bozat at 07:40 UTC 19 March 2022 following her departure from St Sampson's Harbour. That contact has caused the Beacon to shift from its permanent position and has resulted in its light becoming inoperative.

Guernsey Ports has put in place an exclusion zone of 50 metres as the displaced structure is unstable. Mariners are instructed for their safety to remain outside of the zone as outlined in the relevant Local Notices To Mariners in force.

Harbourmaster Captain David Barker said:

"An options appraisal to bring the Roustel Beacon back into service is being developed by the Ports' Commercial and Infrastructure team. Meanwhile, Guernsey Ports has notified the Bailiwick of Guernsey Chief Inspector of Marine Accidents who will decide whether to investigate the circumstances of the incident. Until any investigation is complete, Guernsey Ports will not be making further comment on this case."

The current structure has been in place since the early 1990s and a navigational beacon has been located on the Roustel reef since the early 1920s.