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Harbour Diving on Christmas Day 2021

Guernsey Ports will be permitting diving in St Peter Port Harbour on Christmas Day.

Diving will be allowed in the area of the Pierheads and to the west of a line drawn from the old lifeboat slip to the turning dolphin on the New Jetty.

Diving is not permitted on any of the commercial berths to the East of the New Jetty.

Any permitted diving must be carried out within an organised group with appropriate risk assessments and safety plans to deal with any incident that may occur.

Underwater diving at St Peter Port Harbour is a Guernsey festive tradition. In previous dives, a Gallo Roman shipwreck nicknamed 'the Asterix' was discovered in the entrance to St Peter Port harbour during a previous Christmas Day diving operation.

Guernsey's Harbourmaster Captain David Barker said:

"Christmas Day is the only day in which diving by organised groups can be carried out safely in the designated harbour areas. I would like to thank our staff who will be providing cover for the hyperbaric chamber at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital should the need be required. For safety reasons we do insist that diving is carried out as part of an organised group and under prior permission given by Guernsey Ports."

Further information on diving and to complete the relevant application form please visit the following webpage: