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Castle Cornet Bridge - Additional Safety Measures to be Introduced

Guernsey Ports is installing additional safety measures underneath the arches of the Castle Cornet Bridge.

Stainless steel cables will shortly be erected in order to prevent people from walking underneath the St Peter Port harbour structure due to an increasing risk of falling concrete.

Commercial Manager - Ports Doug Wright said:

"Public safety is our highest priority, and a recent annual survey of the nine-span bridge has highlighted that there is an increasing risk to the public if they attempt to access beneath it. Due to its age, the bridge is deteriorating at an accelerated rate, and enhanced condition and load monitoring of the structure is continuing. This monitoring will continue until a repair or replacement has been completed. The repair of the bridge has been included in the Government Work Plan and the Ports team is working with the relevant States Committees to help develop an options appraisal to inform the project's next steps."

Signage is already in place alerting the public of the dangers, but these additional measures are deemed necessary following the most recent inspection.
The public are urged not to attempt to walk beneath the bridge.