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Guernsey Coastguard introduces Maritime Safety Information Broadcasts

The system of Maritime Safety Information (MSI) radio broadcasts is being introduced locally for the first time. MSI broadcasts are used by HM Coastguard in the UK and other national coastguard services around the world, to alert mariners of the latest wind, sea conditions, and navigational warnings in their respective sea areas.

The aim of the change is to bring the current system of Navigation Warnings issued by Guernsey Coastguard into line with international treaty standards and best practice.

All Navigation Warnings and Safety Broadcasts could include, live firing warnings at Fort Le Marchant, information on maritime events (such as sailing regattas, swimming events) and wind warnings issued by Jersey Met.

Duty Search Mission Coordinator for Guernsey Coastguard Jerome Davis said:

"By moving to a system of Marine Safety Information broadcasts, all mariners will now get a comprehensive service of key information whilst using the Bailiwick's territorial seas. The Maritime Safety Information broadcast will include a wide range of navigational and safety
information. We believe this new method of communicating will help all mariners receive the information they need in an accessible way. These MSI broadcasts will also help in Guernsey Coastguard's ongoing mission to improve safety of lives and vessels in Bailiwick territorial
waters and in addition will help in publishing important information during live SAR operations in local waters."

MSI Broadcasts will be announced by Guernsey Coastguard on VHF Channel 16 before being broadcast in full on VHF Channel 20. The full Channel Islands Shipping Forecast will not be included as part of the MSI broadcast for the Bailiwick as this is undertaken by Jersey Coastguard for the whole Channel Islands sea area. The Channel Islands' Shipping Forecast will be available on request to mariners by contacting Guernsey Coastguard. Alternatively, the shipping forecast is available on Jersey Met's website

The first MSI broadcast by Guernsey Coastguard is due at 01:33 GMT (02:33 BST) on 23 August 2021. The MSI will generally be broadcast at the following times (All times in UTC/GMT) 01:33, 05:33, 09:33, 13:33, 17:33, 21:33.