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St Peter Port Lifeboat Launched to Assist 2 Broken Down Vessels

At 8:27am on Thursday 27th May, Guernsey Coastguard received a radio call from a 10 metre fishing vessel seeking assistance. The vessel had 2 people onboard and had broken down 30 miles northwest of Guernsey in the approaches to the Casquets Traffic Separation
Scheme. This position placed the casualty on the border between the UK and French Search and Rescue Regions.

After liaising with the UK and French Coastguards, coordination was retained by Guernsey Coastguard. Attempts were made to gain assistance from vessels in the area, but no help was forthcoming.

St Peter Port RNLI Lifeboat the "Spirit of Guernsey" launched at 9:20am and proceeded to the scene. Once the vessel was located, a tow line was connected and the vessel was towed safely back to St Peter Port, arriving shortly before 2:00pm. Minutes later, Guernsey

Guernsey Coastguard received a second call from a 4 metre motorboat which had broken down 5 miles southeast of St Martin's Point. Spirit of Guernsey was tasked to the incident arriving on scene at 2:25pm. A tow was established with the vessel and her crew safely brought back to St Peter Port.