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As announced on 30th April, the Guernsey Civil Contingencies Authority intends to continue to reduce border restrictions and introduce procedures for testing and self-isolation for travellers from category 2 regions with effect from 14 May 2021. The following guidance is intended to clarify how this will affect both visiting vessels and those boatowners based in the Bailiwick who have returned from a Category 2 region.

As of Friday 14 May 2021, the Swan Pontoons are designated as arrival pontoons for visitors from outside of the Bailiwick of Guernsey pdf icon Local Notice to Mariners (LNTM No.017/2021) [453kb]. The Swan Pontoons must not be used by local boats unless returning from outside of the Bailiwick. A local vessel using the Swan Pontoons after the 14 May could result in an instruction for all onboard to self-isolate. This is in force via Local Notices to Mariners (LNTM No. 021/2021) until further notice.

The west side of the Swan Pontoons is also closed to local vessels who have not travelled outside of Bailiwick Waters. Local vessels will have use of the main (fairway) Local layby, as well as the cruise tender pontoon (prior booking required with the marina office VHF 80 or 705812. 

Regardless of your point of departure, if any crew member has visited a category 3 or 4 region within the last 14 days before arrival in the Bailiwick, the procedures and restrictions for the higher category will apply to all crew members on your vessel.

For the latest information regarding regional category classifications please visit: Country and Regional Classifications | States of Guernsey - COVID-19 (

Bailiwick of Guernsey vessels intending to visit category 2 regions

From 14th May, if you are returning from visiting a Category 2 country or region only, you must:

• Register on the Travel Tracker and enter your journey within two days prior to return to the Bailiwick. 
• Initially proceed to St Peter Port Harbour for clearance, if your destination is in Guernsey, Herm or Sark; or proceed to Braye Harbour if your destination is in Alderney.
• If you destination is Guernsey, Herm or Sark, you will be directed to the self-isolation pontoons and advised of the requirements for undertaking your day of arrival test. If your destination is Alderney, the Alderney Harbour Authority will advise you of what is required.
• Once you have taken a Covid test, you will either be required to self-isolate on the self-isolation pontoons if there is capacity, otherwise you will be advised to proceed to your permanent mooring.
• If you are advised to proceed to your permanent mooring, you must then travel directly from your mooring to your home address and await the test result. Please note - This may take up to 48 hours depending on the volume of tests being processed.
• When proceeding to and from the testing facility, you must wear a face covering and maintain two metre social distance from others and please bring your smart device with you to log on to the Travel Tracker.
• Continue in passive follow-up until Day 14, with a further test at day 7. If travelling with family members or friends, you must all continue to self-isolate until EVERYONE in the party receives a negative test result.

Please note that Covid tests are chargeable at £25 per test.

The testing facility for private vessels will be open between 09:00-11:00 and 16:00-18:00 only. If you arrive outside of these working hours, you should proceed to an isolation pontoon as directed, and await the attendance of Guernsey Ports marina staff and/or Guernsey Border Agency personnel the following morning.

In all cases, if you are required to isolate at a nominated address, rather than on a self-isolation pontoon. You MUST travel directly from your mooring to that address by your own vehicle or a taxi (not using public transport, walking or cycling), keeping the windows open, using hand-sanitiser, wearing a face covering and maintaining as much social distance from the driver as possible and 2 metres from all other personnel.

Further information and guidance is available on the States of Guernsey's COVID-19 website: