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Ordnance Discovery Royal Navy team on their way to Guernsey

A team of divers from the Royal Navy who specialise in removing Explosive Ordnance Devices will travel to Guernsey on Saturday 14 November, following the recent discovery of what is believed to be a piece of Second World War ordnance near the QE2 marina entrance.

Planning to safely dispose of the device - involving staff from Guernsey Coastguard, officers from Bailiwick Law Enforcement and the Royal Navy - has been underway since the discovery of the device on 11 November.

A decision on the approximate date, timing and the location of the controlled detonation will be determined in the next few days. Tidal conditions, weather forecasts, and commercial vessel movements all being taken into account.

The Royal Navy, who have been granted a critical worker exemption regarding self-isolation requirements, will be supported by Guernsey Harbours' workboat Sarnia alongside the States of Guernsey vessel Leopardess which will also be deployed for the disposal.

Guernsey's Harbourmaster Captain David Barker said:

"A 200-metre maritime Exclusion Zone is still in place by the Reffee buoy area near the QE2 Marina entrance. Until the device has been safety disposed of, mariners should follow the instructions in the Local Notices to Mariners (LNTM 038/2020) and Guernsey Coastguard Navigation warnings published on the Guernsey Harbours' website. We believe at this stage, there is little risk the device will cause damage to property or critical national infrastructure. If mariners are going to sea, they should heed the instructions in the LNTM and the Guernsey Coastguard Navigation warnings in force and keep a continuous watch on VHF Channel 16. The general public should be reassured that everything is being done by the agencies involved to get the device removed and disposed of in a safe manner."