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Guernsey Coastguard is now live on Social Media

Guernsey Coastguard has launched its own presence on the Facebook and Twitter platforms.

Until very recently Guernsey Coastguard relied on using the Guernsey Harbours' social media accounts to communicate important information and updates.

Similar to other national coastguard services and agencies, social media users are reminded not to report any emergencies on social media, either in public posts or in using private messaging functions. Instead, if anyone requires help or witnesses someone in trouble around the Bailiwick's coastline and territorial seas, please telephone 999/112 or via VHF Channel 16 radio and ask for Guernsey Coastguard.

Duty SAR Mission Coordinator for Guernsey Coastguard Jerome Davis said:

"Social media has been used to great effect by other national coastguard services and agencies around the world including Jersey, France and the UK. By having a social media presence it will enable Guernsey Coastguard to communicate directly to users of our coasts both locally and further afield. We will be providing sea safety messaging and general updates of Search and Rescue missions when there is a requirement to do so. Social media is just another avenue for communicating with the public to reinforce Guernsey Coastguard's mission. We will also share material and good work that local and national voluntary search and rescue organisations do in saving lives at sea. We will use all methods of improving engagement and understanding of Guernsey Coastguard's aims and objectives using a variety means and social media is another tool in that mission."

Jersey Coastguard, HM Coastguard in the UK, and the French Coastguard service all have established official profiles on a number of social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Guernsey Coastguard's Facebook page can be found using this URL:

The Twitter account can be followed by using the hashtag @GsyCoastguard.