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New pontoons on the way for St Sampson's Harbour Marina

Work to replace the damaged pile at St Sampson's Harbour is set to get under way soon in order to allow the installation of the new wave attenuating pontoons when they arrive in Guernsey during the next available suitable weather and tide windows.

New wave attenuation pontoons for St Sampson's are on order. The construction of these pontoons is expected to be completed on the 25th November 2019 and then shipped to Guernsey from the UK at the next opportunity.

Guernsey Harbours does not anticipate any similar weather events to happen in the weeks ahead that caused the problems at St Sampson's Harbour at the end of October 2019. However, staff are continually monitoring the situation for any sudden changes in the weather forecast.

The strong easterly winds and very high spring tides at the end of October 2019 caused damage to the St Sampson's Harbour wave pontoons and one of the supporting piles on the Southside pontoon wall.

St Sampson's Marina and all other berth and mooring holders are being advised to check their mooring ropes, on-board pumps and exercise caution. All mariners should comply with the instructions with the Guernsey Harbours' issued Local Notices to Mariners.

During periods of bad weather, all mooring holders are strongly recommended to monitor the latest weather and shipping forecasts, and to check their moorings and on-board systems regularly.

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