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St Sampson's Harbour Wave Pontoon UD - 30th October 2019


Guernsey Harbours will be carrying out an underwater dive survey tomorrow (Thurs 31st Oct) to assess any potential damage to the St Sampson's harbour wave pontoons' supporting piles. A plan is in place to install a temporary solution to replace the wave pontoons, and depending on the dive survey results will be implemented in the next few days.

Guernsey Harbours had already placed an order for a new set of wave attenuating pontoons prior to this incident and manufacturing is expected to be completed by 25th November 2019. These new pontoons have been designed to an improved specification compared with the current ones. The new pontoons will be installed as and when delivery, tidal and weather conditions allow.

Our marina staff inspected moorings at St Sampson's Marina at four o'clock this morning (Wed 30th Oct) and installed extra lines on several vessels as a precaution. During periods of bad weather, all mooring holders are strongly recommended to monitor the latest weather and shipping forecasts, and to check their vessel moorings regularly.

In the meantime, mariners are being asked to follow the instructions in the Local Notices to Mariners (LNTM No. 030/2019) currently in force for the area.