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Busy weekend for Guernsey Coastguard

At 10:17 local time on Sunday 21st July, Guernsey Coastguard received a radio call from 38ft motor cruiser 'Cristelle' reporting that she was taking on water. No further information was received therefore the RNLI St Peter Port All Weather Lifeboat 'Spirit of Guernsey' was immediately paged.

Communication was re-established with 'Cristelle' and it was determined that she was approximately seven miles north of Guernsey and had suffered flooding on her starboard engine which had been contained.

She had two persons on board and was making her way back to Guernsey on a single engine. With the lifeboat crew already assembled, the RNLB 'Spirit of Guernsey' was tasked to intercept 'Cristelle' and to accompany her back to St Peter Port in the event that the situation deteriorated.

Cristelle safely arrived in St Peter Port shortly after 13:00 and the lifeboat returned to station.

In a separate incident, Guernsey Coastguard tasked the RNLB 'Spirit of Guernsey' at about 15:00 on the 19th July 2019 to assist the 23 foot motor cruiser 'Maranello' with two persons on board.

The vessel had broken down approximately 3.8nm SE of the Lower Heads buoy at the southern end of the Little Russel on the East Coast of Guernsey. Due to restricted visibility was unsure of her exact position.

Once located, the casualty vessel was taken in tow by the Guernsey RNLI and both returned safely to St Peter Port at about 16:00 where the vessel was handed over to Guernsey Harbours' marina staff.