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St Peter Port Lifeboat Launched to Assist Sailing Vessel "Pickle"

At 15:40 on Thursday 6th June, Guernsey Coastguard received a radio call from sailing vessel "Pickle" asking for assistance. The vessel had two persons onboard and had picked up a rope around her propeller approximately four nautical miles due north of the Platte Fougere lighthouse on the north east coast of Guernsey and was unable to proceed to St Peter Port.

An all ships call was put out to any vessel in the area that could assist "Pickle" however there was no response and therefore the St Peter Port Lifeboat the "Spirit of Guernsey" was launched at 16:11 and proceeded to the scene. Once "Pickle" was located, a tow was established and the vessel was towed safely back to St Peter Port, arriving shortly after 17:40.

The Lifeboat was back on station at 17:58