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Guernsey Yacht Club Safety Event

Boat owners and members of the Guernsey Yacht Club can find out more about enhanced safety practices when out on the water at a special safety event on Saturday 26th January 2019.

The GYC has organised a series of demonstrations and talks on how to be safe at sea on a boat, what equipment is needed, especially on a boat trip into open waters. There is a 'hands on' element to the event, with those attending being shown the correct methods to operate an in-date emergency flare. This will be done in a supervised and controlled manner on the Castle Breakwater.

Guernsey's Harbourmaster Captain David Barker said:

"I cannot stress enough how important basic safety precautions are for all who use the marine environment. It is vital that boat owners and their crew have the appropriate survival training and safety equipment on board their vessel. It is, of course, equally important that they can then competently use that knowledge and equipment in an emergency. In most situations, these skills can make all the difference to your chances of survival on the water should an accident or incident happen. I applaud the Guernsey Yacht Club for this pro-active approach."

The Commodore of the Guernsey Yacht Club John Falla said:

"The Guernsey Yacht Club has a long history of encouraging boating in all of its forms and, in doing so, it has always been keen to promote sound seamanship and best practice. Our members range from people who have vast experience and expertise to those who are very new to boating and the Club is always keen to welcome new members. We are ideally placed to facilitate those new to boating to gain the skills and confidence to put to sea for the first time safely as well as providing opportunities for our more experienced members to be updated on the latest equipment."

Rear-Commodore - Motor at the Guernsey Yacht Club Robin Fuller said:

"This presentation will discuss the safe use of traditional flares, following which a demonstration will take place of the live firing of flares on the Castle Breakwater. There is also the opportunity for participants to let off, under supervision, either their own in date flares, or it is possible to order flares for the event. We are grateful to the Harbourmaster and Guernsey Harbours for their assistance with this. Sensibly, it is a condition that all flares are pre-advised, so Guernsey Harbours are aware of the quantum and characteristics of the flares that will be used and those wishing to be involved in this element of the night must contact the Club to confirm details. A second 'safety at sea' event is planned for the spring, including a demonstration at sea. John Elliott who is a Guernsey Yacht Club Committee member and a very experienced RYA Yachtmaster Examiner will explain the French requirements for safety equipment and will also outline the content of the RYA Sea Survival Course which he runs locally."

Mariners using St Peter Port Harbour on 26th January 2019 are advised to heed the instructions in the Local Notices to Mariners issued for the event. This can found on our Coastguard and Navigation section of our website Members of public should not be alarmed if they see a number of red flares in the skies above St Peter Port that evening.

Any flares being used for the event must be in date, and authorised for use, and for more information please email the Guernsey Yacht Club, telephone: 01481 722838 or visit its website.