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General Situation

At 6p.m. Low, 1016mb, over western Germany expected to drift northeast. High, 1038mb, mid-Atlantic expected to build a ridge across Britain through tomorrow.

Forecast from 1am Wednesday to 1am Thursday.

Weather: Isolated showers from dawn with a risk of thunder, clearing early afternoon. Mist and a risk of fog patches, mainly Wednesday morning.

Wind: North to northeast 2 to 3, locally 4, veering northeast to east and increasing 4 to 6 through the morning with gusts to 35kt, further increasing 6 to 7 by evening, perhaps locally gale 8 mid-Channel with gusts to 50kt.

Visibility: Moderate to good, occasionally poor, perhaps locally very poor in any fog.

Sea state: Smooth or slight, increasing moderate by midday, then moderate to rather rough in the afternoon, further increasing rough mid-Channel in the evening.

Sea swell: 2 to 3 feet.

Sea temperature: 16

Outlook from 1am Thursday to 1am Friday.

Weather: Mist or haze.

Wind: Northeast to east 6 to 7 perhaps locally gale 8 mid-Channel with gusts to 50kt, decreasing 5 to 7 by midday.

Visibility: Moderate to good, locally poor.

Sea state: Moderate in the south and east, to rough in the north and west.