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General Situation

At 06:00UTC low, 972mb, west of Shannon, expected 953mb, just west of Iceland, by 12:00UTC Monday with associated fronts affecting the Channel overnight.

Forecast from 12:00UTC Sunday to 12:00UTC Monday.

Weather: Occasional rain or showers from late evening, clearing eastwards soon after dawn.

Wind: Southeast 4 to 6, locally 7 mid-Channel at times, veering southerly by evening, then southwest to west 3 to 4 overnight.

Visibility: Good or very good, occasionally moderate overnight.

Sea state: Slight to moderate with a low swell developing overnight, occasionally rather rough mid-Channel at first.

Sea temperature: 9.8°C

Outlook from 12:00UTC Monday to 12:00UTC Tuesday.

Weather: Fair or fine. Mist or fog patches, mainly near the French coast, around dawn on Tuesday.

Wind: Westerly 3 to 4, veering west to northwest 2 to 3 in the afternoon, locally variable in the evening, becoming easterly 2 to 4 Tuesday morning.

Visibility: Good, locally moderate to very poor near the French coast around dawn.

Sea state: Slight occasionally smooth, with a low swell.