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General Situation

At midnight, low 983 mb, 200 miles northwest of Ireland, moving slowly northeast and filling, with associated occlusion and weak cold front moving slowly and erratically east through the area.

Forecast from 7am Monday to 7am Tuesday.

Weather: Occasional rain, drizzle and mist clearing to isolated showers in the evening. Local fog patches near French coasts at times this morning.

Wind: Southwest to south 3 to 5, perhaps locally 6 mid- Channel, gradually veering westerly by evening, then backing west to southwest 3 to 4 by dawn.

Visibility: Moderate to good, occasionally poor, perhaps very poor near French coasts.

Sea state: Slight, occasionally moderate in the north.

Sea swell: 5 to 12 feet, gradually decreasing 4 to 8 feet overnight.

Sea temperature: 8

Outlook from 7am Tuesday to 7am Wednesday.

Weather: Risk of isolated showers until midday.

Wind: West to southwest 3 to 4, backing southwest to south by evening, increasing 5 in the northwest of the area for a time overnight, perhaps locally 6 mid- Channel.

Visibility: Good, perhaps locally moderate in showers.

Sea state: Slight, occasionally moderate in the north, with a moderate swell, soon decreasing to low.