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General Situation

At 1 a.m. complex low pressure, 999 mb, covered Britain, the Channel and France, expected to drift east, with associated fronts affecting the Channel at times until the weekend.

Forecast from 7am Wednesday to 7am Thursday.

Weather: Scattered showers becoming isolated this afternoon.

Wind: Cyclonic variable 1 to 3 in the east at first, otherwise west to northwest 4 to 5, locally 6 at times.

Visibility: Moderate to good becoming moderate to poor in showers.

Sea state: Slight, locally moderate by afternoon.

Sea swell: Not significant.

Sea temperature: 17

Outlook from 7am Thursday to 7am Friday.

Weather: Isolated showers becoming more frequent overnight.

Wind: West 4 to 5, backing southwest 3 to 4 by mid- morning, becoming variable 1 to 3 Jersey southwards in the afternoon, then west to northwest 3 to 5 in the evening.

Visibility: Good, occasionally moderate to poor in showers.

Sea state: Moderate with a low swell developing during the morning.