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General Situation

At 1 p.m., high, 1030mb, 300 miles southwest of Ireland, expected to drift southwest and decline. Weak warm front over central Britain, moving south to cross the Channel overnight.

Forecast from 7pm Thursday to 7pm Friday.

Weather: Isolated showers, dying out in the morning.

Wind: Northwesterly 4 to 5, decreasing 3 to 4 by dawn, then 2 to 3, locally 4 by afternoon.

Visibility: Good, occasionally moderate in showers.

Sea state: Slight to moderate, becoming smooth or slight in the morning.

Sea swell: Not significant.

Sea temperature: 12

Outlook from 7pm Friday to 7pm Saturday.

Weather: Fair.

Wind: Northwest 2 to 3, locally 4, becoming variable 1 to 3 overnight, then southeast 3 to 4 in the morning, occasionally 5 in the afternoon.

Visibility: Good.

Sea state: Slight, occasionally moderate later.