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General Situation

At 12:00UTC low over Trafalgar, 1001mb, expected to drift south and lose its identity. High near the Azores, 1031mb, extended a ridge across the UK. New low expected over FitzRoy, 999mb, by 12:00UTC Saturday.

Forecast from 18:00UTC Thursday to 18:00UTC Friday.

Weather: Patchy rain or drizzle at times, mainly in the north of the area. Mist or fog patches likely near the French coast tonight and tomorrow morning.

Wind: Northeasterly 3 to 5, locally 2 in the far south of the area, gradually veering southeasterly tomorrow.

Visibility: Moderate to good, occasionally poor, perhaps locally very poor.

Sea state: Slight, occasionally moderate mid-Channel, with a low swell.

Sea temperature: 12.7°C

Outlook from 18:00UTC Friday to 18:00UTC Saturday.

Weather: Risk of mist or fog patches near the French coast overnight and on Saturday morning.

Wind: Southeasterly 3 to 4, locally 5 in the far north and the far west of the area, backing east to northeast on Saturday afternoon, perhaps 6 mid-Channel later.

Visibility: Good, occasionally moderate, perhaps locally poor or very poor.

Sea state: Slight, occasionally moderate in the far west, with a low swell.