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Guernsey Coastguard Navigation Warnings



pdf icon GCG NAVWARN 001-21 Platte Fougere Light Inoperative [503kb]

pdf icon GCG NAVWARN 002-21 Braye Harbour Breakwater Light Extinguished [426kb]

Live Round Firing

Mariners must keep clear of the seas near the Fort Le Marchant firing range when red flags are flying in the Northern part of Guernsey between the Grande Hougue and Le Plomb, at Le Fontenelle. On the days of firing, navigational warnings are broadcast by Guernsey Coastguard on VHF Channel 20.

pdf icon Rifle Range Calendar 2021 [230kb]

Local Notices to Mariners (LNTMs)



pdf icon 017/2016 - Platte Fougere Lighthouse - Fog Signal [180kb]


pdf icon 007/2018 Cambridge Berth - Restricted Access [182kb]


pdf icon 005/2019 Havelet Slipway Closed [303kb]

pdf icon 010/2019 St Peter Port. RoRo. Berths. Depths. [561kb]

pdf icon 012/2019 Cruise Ship Safety Zone [241kb]

pdf icon 014/2019 Guernsey VTS [569kb]

pdf icon 020/2019 St Sampson - PWC [191kb]


pdf icon 003/2020 Berth 7. Lower Landing Berthing Restriction [182kb]

pdf icon 022/2020 COVID 19 Pleasure Vessels Travelling to France [551kb]

pdf icon 026/2020 Little Russel - Marine Mammal Monitoring Buoys [189kb]

pdf icon 027/2020 Guernsey Electricity - Subsea Power Cables [736kb]

pdf icon 028/2020 Navigation Lights [198kb]

pdf icon 034/2020 St Peter Port - Swan Pontoon Removal [193kb]

pdf icon 035/2020 COVID 19 - Local Vessels Returning to the Bailiwick in Phase 5c [204kb]


pdf icon 001/2021 - New Covid-19 Restrictions for Visiting Vessels Wishing to Enter the Bailiwick of Guernsey [437kb]

pdf icon 002/2021 Essential Travel Permit [424kb]

pdf icon 003/2021 COVID 19 Herm Island Closed to Visitors [383kb]

pdf icon 004/2021 COVID 19 Sark Closed to Visitors [383kb]

pdf icon 005/2021 COVID 19 - Visiting Pleasure Vessels [481kb]

pdf icon 006/2021 COVID 19 Diving [189kb]

pdf icon 008/2021 COVID 19 Kayaks, Canoes and Paddle Boards [208kb]

pdf icon 009/2021 COVID-19 - Alderney - Closed to Pleasure Vessels [106kb]

pdf icon LNTM 011.2021 COVID-19 - Use and Maintenance of Locally Registered Recreational Vessels - Recovery Stage 1 [217kb]