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Guernsey Harbours provides services that touch every islander and business either via the lifeline links to deliver food and fuel to the islands or enjoyment of the leisure activities on the sea.

The 2014-2023 Guernsey Harbours Business Plan outlines the current status and sets out the strategic objectives for St. Peter Port and St. Sampson's Harbours.

pdf icon Guernsey Harbours Business Plan [1Mb]

At the heart of the business plan are 4 key policies and strategic objectives:

Essential Services

To ensure the on-going provision of essential services to the Bailiwick of Guernsey;


Protect and grow the inherent value of St Peter Port and St Sampson's Harbours;


To generate sufficient surplus to be self-funding for all but the most exceptional infrastructure capital investment;


Arrest decline, avoid deterioration and consequential high-deferred maintenance charges. Protect the inherent economic value of Guernsey Harbours to the island and pro-actively invest in infrastructure and real estate.

Capital Development Programme

Central to delivering all the services Guernsey Harbours provide is establishing a sustainable financial position and planning for the future. The business plan includes a capital development plan over the next 10 years. The drivers for each element of the capital development programme vary from essential infrastructure replacement, changes to deliver fit for purpose services and facilities, revenue protection, development to meet international standards, capacity expansion and sound financial planning. The Capital Development Plan is a "living" plan and will evolve over time as individual business cases are developed.

Some of the key elements of the capital programme include:

Watch this short video capturing a typical day's work for the Sarnia work boat, refurbishing the Fourquies Cardinal Buoy ...

In real terms, the 2014-2023 Business Plan will enable carefully managed private investment, and development of identified areas of the harbour to increase revenue to support all Guernsey Harbours existing services. Development plans and revenue will be linked to support essential services and core community activities.